Planning who comes to your shoot

We strongly encourage you to capture all the joy.

Welcoming a new baby is the perfect time to photograph your partner, and your baby’s siblings. It's so beautiful to capture the joy of everyone as the family expands.

This is a shoot for your immediate family, and we strongly encourage grandparents to attend! We schedule your flexible date in the calendar around your estimated due date. We move your shoot date, depending on when baby decides to arrive.

Choosing your styling

Our posing style is best described as relaxed but directed. We want you to look and feel your best, especially in those early baby days of 7-21 days old. The real sweet spot for newborn portrait sessions is when your baby is 8-14 days old - this is the timing we aim for. We make sure we are capturing your best angles, love for your baby and natural smiles. We guide you through the motions, taking the time to get to know you and your family. This is how your real self begins to shine in your portraits, leaving you connected to them forever.

We want to have your shoot suit your styling too. Do you prefer casual, informal and unposed? Or are you all about those curled up, sleepy, up close details shots of a hands and feet? While we will work with you to understand what you're after, we typically capture a range of different elements in your session so you can pick and choose.


Your newborn  session is typically captured in the comfort of your home. We arrive equipped with everything you may need during your portrait session with your new little one. At just a few days old, we remember all too well how getting out of the house is a challenge and the stress of remembering everything in the nappy bag, this is why we take pride in traveling to our clients homes. We keep the essentials on hand in our kit at all times - wipes, dummies, whatever you need to make things easy and comfortable.

We are mindful that you are healing from your birth, and assure you, your portrait session is safe space for new parents to navigate breast feeding and baby life, we are completely led by your baby. Parents can relax, and we've had more than one fall asleep while we photograph baby over the years of capturing little ones. Additional little people can be entertained with toys, and books, while they wait - this is the beauty of being at home.

We bring along our delicate props, wraps and outfits, which we plan with you in the weeks before your portrait session to have a clear understanding of the style and colour palette you want for your portrait session. We even have a Mama wardrobe that is fitting for birthing mama's and easy to breast feed in.


Beautiful outfits can have you feeling a little glam following the journey of coming home with a new baby. We love to take the pressure off and have more than 20 gowns in our Mama wardrobe that you are most welcome to select from. Our style is elegant bohemian, with lots of options in floaty fabrics, vintage lace, mini through to maxi dresses and perfectly fitting for mamas recovering from birth and breast feeding. Our sizing fits mamas from size 8 – 16 and colour palette to suit all skin tones.

Having my own two little girls I know how hard it can be to pull together outfits for the entire family, so I’ve added a small range of childrens clothing to our wardrobe too. Girls clothing from 6 months – size 8, and some boys outfits from size 6 months – size 3.

We have all the wraps, props, outfits, headbands and accessories to style your gorgeous little baby. If you have a special item you’d like to include, bring it along!

We’ve created a handy online guide with a Pinterest board to showcase the outfits in our wardrobe and guides to pulling together your family style. Click here to see our Pinterest board of outfit ideas

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best age for a newborn session?

Babies are naturally sleepy and curled up for that beautiful newborn photography look between 7 and 21 days old. The optimal time to photograph your  baby is between 8-14 days old. It's a small window, but we are flexible to help you find a time. We highly recommend booking in before baby arrives so we can ensure we have space in our calendar for you around your due date.

Where are newborn sessions held?

Your newborn session is held in your home! Typically we schedule our newborn sessions for 10am start time, and give you directions on how to prepare for your shoot.

We can create a studio style in your home, or use your home as the background. Many of our clients love to create a mixture of studio styled and using their master bedroom, or beautiful nursery as other areas to photograph in.

Are parents and siblings included?

Absolutely! Not just parents and siblings, but we strongly encourage grandparents to attend too. Welcoming a new baby is a joyous experience for the whole family.

How long is a session?

Newborn sessions are led by baby, but typically between one and two hours.

What should we wear?

That depends so very much on what style you're after, but once you've booked we send you a guide to help select your outfits and in our pre-shoot consultation we can walk you through how to select the perfect outfit for the whole family.

Do you have props and wraps?

We have a huge range of wraps and props, and we strongly encourage you to consider if you have deeply personal items you may wish to include such as a handmade blanket, or keepsake.

Do we get digital images?

All of our prints and packages come with accompanying matched digital images so you can share your beautiful artwork with those near and far.

My baby is older. Have I missed out?

Absolutely not. While 7-21 days is recommended, we can work with older babies to achieve beautiful images. Please get in touch and we can discuss the best path forward.

When should I book?

We typically have very limited last minute availability and the majority of our clients book in using their due date as a guide to pencil in our calendar.

Let's get you booked in