Photographing your little people is incredible at any age. Your opportunities to create artwork with older babies and toddlers for the perfect timing certainly don’t stop between newborn and 5 years old, in fact there are more changes during these early years than any other stage of life due to the amazing growth of children.

Our Older Babies and Toddlers sessions are for little people older than 3 months and like all our portrait sessions, the shoot is for the whole family along with your little people.

Our expertise in working with children of all ages, and personalities makes our clients hearts sing when they see their photographs. We encourage children to be themselves, and let their authentic selves shine through in their portraits. Whilst we guide them into different positions, the moments are fast and you may feel like it’s chaos, you can rest assured that we are capturing your family and a beautiful way and you are going to adore your photographs.

Your portrait session experience begins from the first phone call. We love to chat on the phone to get to know a little about you and your family, and how you dream of photographing them. Planning your portrait session can feel a little overwhelming to some and we are here to help, with loads of ideas, location suggestions, and concepts for styles, our creativity is endless. A session fee of just $150 is required for the planning to commence, and secure your place in our calendar. The session fee covers your portrait session date, your design appointment and one 6×8″ print of your choice with the matching digital file. Additional artwork will be selected during your design appointment.

What’s your style?

You may not know the answer to this question yet, but take a look through our website, Instagram, or Pinterest and gather some screen shots of the images you love. These can then be used as a guide to building your own style. The concept for your portrait session can be inspired from clothing, a location style, lighting, a mood – it is not about the posing or a simple choice between studio or outside. It is for this practice of detail that our clients return to us year after year to photograph their families and why a lot of our portrait sessions are booked months in advance.

We have a small client wardrobe for Mama’s to wear and small amount of children’s wear, or like most of our clients, we can work out your colour palette for your shoot and then you can have the fun of shopping!

The Portrait Session

Our portrait sessions with little people are short and sweet, kept this way due to the amount of planning that has gone in ahead of your shoot date. In most cases your shoot is captured within one hour, but if we’re still having fun, we can keep going for a little longer.

You will see samples of our beautiful products at the end of your shoot, even if we are on location. Whether your want something beautiful to hold in your hands, or to adore on your walls, we have a wide range of products that include heirloom albums, print collections, framed wall art available as individual pieces or gallery wall collections. You can see these products in more details here.

Seeing your photographs is as easy as sitting on the couch! We hold your design appointment by video call, that you can access from your computer, laptop or smart tv. We take time to go through every image in your collection, with you making your selections during this appointment. We work our magic on your order, getting everything perfectly printed, and then we send it out to you to enjoy forever.

Is there a package?

Yes! We’ve created a popular Milestone Album Collection that is popular with our clients for their baby’s first year.

The Milestone Collection is a full service package that includes TWO portrait sessions held in a one year period. Both portrait sessions are planned meticulously, and designed to be held at a time that is a milestone age for your baby. We find the best times to be at 6-8 months when your baby is sitting, but not crawling, and then at 12 months to celebrate their first birthday.

Each portrait session will be followed by a design appointment for you to select your favourite photographs. Your album collection allows you to select 15 photographs from each portrait session, with the digital files of your selected photographs edited and supplied to you within two weeks of your design appointment, and your heirloom album produced following your one year shoot.

The complete Milestone Collection also includes a 12″ square wood print image of your choice with the matching digital file. Your Milestone Collection is prepaid in two payments of $1400 (package total $2800, with over $3500 of value)

Let’s get you booked in

Older Babies and Toddler FAQ

Once your little one is over 3 weeks old, we class them as older baby. If you have photographed your newborn session, the next milestone to capture is 6-8 months when they are sitting, but not yet crawling. Believe me, this is truly one of the most fun stages to capture! They are smiley, giggle, have got the gorgeous chubby hands, and legs, love to be in different positions – it’s just the best. Once they are crawling, that is all they want to do. The next stage is one year, or just after – standing while holding on to something, may not be walking yet, and the best part is their little personality shining through. After the first year, growth slows down a little. We see many of our clients annually, not just on birthdays as then their portrait sessions are stuck in the same season every year. We mix up their styling, concept and locations each year, always coming up with something new for them to adore. Many of these clients love to create an album each year, building their family library of photographs with stunning albums, and digital files.
We can create a studio set up in your home, use your home as the background, head to our studio or create stunning artwork outside! Your portrait sessions are not just photos, you can take these, we create artwork for you to adore!
Absolutely! Not just parents and siblings, but we strongly encourage grandparents to attend too. Heading outside, you can include your dog at many of our favourite locations.
Typically one hour, your little people will be tired of me after this. Make sure your session is booked at a time that avoids naptime. We do not photograph any little people under 5 years, after 5pm. In over a decade of photographing families, this has never been successful.
That depends so very much on what style you’re after, but once you’ve booked we send you a guide to help select your outfits and in our pre-shoot consultation we can walk you through how to select the perfect outfit for the whole family.
How long is a piece of string? With a phone call we can have a chat about how you’d love to photograph your family, does it need to be on a Saturday, what would you love to wear. All these questions are things we think of when developing your portrait session plan. We never book in our clients, and then have their portrait session within the week because we want you to adore your artwork forever, and this takes planning.
Any prints, images in albums, and wall art that have been ordered will be supplied to you in digital form so you can share your beautiful artwork with those near and far. All digital files are the same quality as we use in the studio, with your files set to print up to 8x12" (A4 size). Want all the digital files in your collection? Sure, you can purchase products and spend $3000 or more and we will give you all your digital files as our thank you!