Planning a maternity session that is right for you!

Your maternity session can be tailored to your style, with the option to capture your bump in our natural light studio, one of our secret outdoor locations at sunrise or sunset bathed in the golden light, or the comfort of your home in documentary style with your home as the background. This is a chapter to capture with those you hold closest, your partner and older siblings of your bump.

In the studio, additional little people can be entertained with toys, books, and even access to Netflix and Disney+ while they wait.

Choosing your location

The location for your maternity session depends very much on what you're trying to achieve. Our sessions are pretty evenly split between studio styled session captured in your home or on location around Melbourne. Beach locations are a magical location and one of my favourites. I know so many beautiful places to capture that excitement.


We love to take the pressure off and have more than 20 gowns in our Mama wardrobe that you are most welcome to select from. Our style is elegant bohemian, with lots of options in floaty fabrics, vintage lace, mini through to maxi dresses. We've designed our wardrobe to suit a wide array of body shapes, sizes and skin tones.

If you're after something specific, we can help you source it or even just advise you on what to wear from your own wardrobe.

We’ve created a handy guide to showcase the outfits in our wardrobe and guides to pulling together your style for your session that will come along to you in your welcome pack after you book your session.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best time for maternity photography?

We typically recommend that maternity is captured around 28-36 weeks. This is typically when your baby belly is nice and firm and round, but before you enter that nesting phase when it's natural to feel more tired and wanting to be tucked up at home waiting for bub.

That said, every woman carries differently so it's best to have a chat about what you're specifically after and we can figure it out together.

Can I book a newborn session as well?

You sure can. Most clients opt to capture both their maternity and newborn as a package so they can tell the whole journey as their little one joins the family. We recommend booking this at the time of booking your maternity session so we can ensure availability. Booking the two sessions in the one invoice means you save $100 on your session fees.

It also means you can be prepared before baby arrives. Prepared with your outfits, all ready to go before baby is here means you don't have to scramble and shop when you are freshly out of hospital with a new baby. It also guarantees your position in our calendar as we rarely have last minute sessions available.

Where are maternity sessions held?

This depends entirely on what style you opt for. We can shoot in the comfort of your home with our studio style brought to you, your home as the background, or on location around Melbourne (or even further field, we photograph clients all over Victoria and even interstate).

Are partners and siblings included?

Absolutely! Not just partners and siblings, but we some people opt to include pets as well.

How long is a session?

Maternity session length will depend on the location and styling, but are typically between one and one and a half hours.

What should we wear?

That depends so very much on what style you're after, but once you've booked we send you a guide to help select your outfits and in our pre-shoot consultation we can walk you through how to select the perfect outfit.

Do we get digital images?

All of our prints and packages come with accompanying matched digital images so you can share your beautiful artwork with those near and far.

When should I book?

We often don't have last minute availability and the majority of our clients book several months out. The best time is to get in touch after your past the 15 to 20 week period, and we can schedule something in for when you're 28-36 weeks along.

Let's get you booked in