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I’m so glad you’re here, I adore meeting people and capturing their stories through maternity, birth, family and newborn photography. My favourite thing to create is stunning artwork that is proudly displayed in your home. I can’t wait to meet you and work together to tell YOUR story.
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The beauty of motherhood and the expansion of your family.

baby just after birth, wrapped and held by Mum


A true once in a lifetime moment.


Capture your beautiful sleepy newborn and create artwork that you’ll love forever.


Gather your family together, big or small, and make sure the memories last forever.

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We like to consider ourselves a ‘full-service family studio’ where we, of course, take beautiful family photographs throughout gorgeous Melbourne, but we are one of the few studios who also offer a full range of growing family services from pregnancy portraiture, newborn portraiture and birth documentary photography.


Maternity photography captures that beautiful time just prior to meeting your newest family member. A time full of hope, excitement and beauty, captured while your belly is lovely and full but before baby begins to descend ready for birth (typically between 30 and 35 weeks). Pregnancy is a lovely time to capture, ensuring that you always remember that exciting time before your family grew.


Birth photography is a relatively new phenomenon all about capturing your birth journey in a documentary style. One of life’s watershed moments where a family expands by one (or more!), it’s a beautiful thing to record for posterity. Additionally, ensuring it’s done by a professional means it’s done well but also frees partners from the responsibility allowing them to focus on effective labour support.
Non-intrusive and entirely documentary in style, your photographer stays entirely in the background, shooting in black and white, and capturing the entire process from labouring through the wonder of birth all the way to those beautiful first moments of you together as a family for the first time, ensuring you have a complete record of all the emotion and power of YOUR birth story. Afterwards, you will be presented with an amazing and very private reminder of the arrival of your child you will relish forever.


Newborn photography helps you celebrate the beauty of your lovely newborn child, capturing their innocence in a way that you will be proud to display on your wall and share all over social media. Above all, having fantastic images from the first days of your babies life is something that you will look back on forever and cherish.


Family photography, allows you to create beautiful artwork from the love and joy of your biggest loves. Happy moments frozen in time and featured prominently on a wall in your house gives you something you can smile at every day as well as providing beauty through artwork. A huge side benefit is that studies show prominent family photographs throughout a home are a big contributor to stronger self-esteem in children. So much to love!