Awards for photographers are an amazing way your photographer can take their photography to the next level. As a photographer, I strive to be the best at my creativity, as well as my technical skills, it is not about who has the latest camera. I am an award-winning photographer, and love that my clients are open and trust me in being creative with their artwork. This is what you want in your photographer.

There are many different awards created to have photographers submit their artwork, and be judged by their peers of professional photographers and masters of their craft. The Australian Photographic Prize is an annual competition, open to entries from all over the world in different genres ranging from maternity, newborn, family, life events and even astrophotography. Entries for categories can be submitted as digital entries or print entries, these are not submitted in the same categories. the entries may have been created specifically for the award with maximum creativity and many many hours spent in finishing the photograph to perfection, or it could be stunning client work – the people who will be able to cherish their award-winning artwork in their homes forever.

Results and the feedback given by the panel of judges helps me to reflect on my photography and make it better.

You want the best and I want to create the best

My submissions were lovingly captured for my clients and I’m proud to announce my results. I am excited to say the I was awarded Winner of APP 2023 Life Events Photographer Of The Year, followed by one semi-finalist image and one commended image in the same category. Two newborn images and one maternity photograph were highly commended in their corresponding categories.