Reasons to do a maternity portrait session

Photographing your pregnancy bump is a wonderful way to capture and celebrate the beauty and significance of this unique time in your life. Every pregnancy is different, some adore their bump and all it entails, whilst others can experience a rough road or morning sickness, swollen feet, carpel tunnel syndrome, and gestational diabetes to name a few. It might be hard to believe at the time, but sometimes you can miss your bump and the intimacy of kicks that only you can feel, once baby is earthside.

Maternity photography allows you to cherish your bump memories. Pregnancy is a transformative journey that deserves to be remembered and cherished. By capturing images of your growing belly, you create tangible memories that you can look back on years later and reminisce about the anticipation, joy, and excitement you felt during this special time.

There is a profound emotional connection with your baby long before they enter the world. Photographing your bump allows you to visually connect with your unborn child, creating a bond that can be incredibly powerful and meaningful. These images serve as a reminder of the love and anticipation you had for your little one before they even entered the world, beyond any of the not so nice moments of pregnancy.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see your real beauty, just as those on the outside can see you. Trust that this is a moment you will want to remember



Your body is remarkable! You are growing a new human, your body has grown an entire organ to nourish this little human. Photographing your bump is a beautiful way to celebrate the strength and beauty of your body during this transformative period. It helps foster a positive body image and encourages self-acceptance.

This is a time of excitement and joy that often resonates with family and friends. By photographing your bump, you can easily share the journey with loved ones, allowing them to feel connected and involved in the process, especially for those not close by. These images can be shared on social media, in photo albums, or displayed in your home, serving as a visual story of your pregnancy.


These intimate photographs are so deeply personal, and this certainly doesn’t mean that you have to share them with everyone or hang a poster-size print in your home. They are for you and whomever you choose to share your journey with. They are something incredible to be able to share with your little one as they grow older and reflect upon for perhaps their own children many years into the future.