I’m scared to hang our artwork. Will we need a professional to install it?

Creating artwork for your walls is our jam! We have got everything sorted for you.

Our wall art is available in both framed print, or framed canvas options. 15 years of experience in hanging artwok for our clients gives us a professional edge. We encourage you to consider your decor and furniture when choosing your framing colour. Options are available in black, oak or white finish. All of our artwork is created with archival inks and designed to last forever, they will be heirlooms for your to cherish.

“I walk past our beautiful, huge framed print everyday. I know I have told you many times before, but I have to tell you again. We’re are so happy you captured our first moments as a family.”

Single piece artworks are each to hang with just a single hook. Our wall art collections of multiple pieces that need to be hung with the same careful arrangement we have in the studio is made easy with our custom template. Your template is set up to match your collection layout, and once hung on the wall and checked with a spirit level, shows you exactly where to drill for your wall fixtures. We even give you the fittings for plaster or brick wall, and the screws too. It could not be easier.