Newborn props shouldn’t be the major player in your baby’s portraiture.


A great deal of planning goes into a newborn session that will take a creative path. This is not something that can be decided on the day of your portrait session, or even just a couple of days before. Creative elements can take a lengthy time to source and build. This is best done in a phone call because we can find out more about you.

The studio has a large collection of beautiful wraps, coloured backgrounds, outfits, headbands, and bonnets perfect for a subtle splash of colour. Our tonal range in the studio is kept to a beautiful spectrum of natural tones ranging from creamy vintage tones to autumnal hues and through to soft greys. Perfect for the subtle approach to your portraits.

Maintaining focus on you and your little one through simple white and cream tones to work beautifully in the white natural light studio. Our ethereal white style is the feel our clients adore, due to its timeless nature. This will never go out of style. Our studio is a blank canvas and we love to fill it out with green plants coupled with layers of soft furnishings and accessories for a bohemian feel. 

Known to spend hours making paper cranes, and arranging stunning fresh flowers, Kelly loves finding out about a client’s journey to parenthood. She can then create bespoke artwork that you will be excited to hang on the wall in your home. Elaborate styling setups are created as a unique, single frame image, before your eyes in the studio – not created in a digital background that your baby will be fitted into on the computer. 

Send an email with images you love for the purpose of helping you to find your style

The last thing you want, moreso Kelly, is to become a photo fail. Your baby’s safety and comfort takes precedence over any newborn prop style. Take the time to consider how you want to be photographed so as to build your dream shoot. You’ll cherish them forever.

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