We adore having the digital files of our printed photographs, and know you love them too.

When you let us know you want the digital files and ask do we do that? The short answer is absolutely. We will always and have always, given our clients the digital file of each of their ordered prints. Even when you order our smallest print collection.

Have you considered how many photographs you have on your phone, and how many of them you have printed, or saved in a meaningful way? What happens to those when your phone dies and you haven’t backed it up? How your kids will be able to reflect on their childhood memories when they don’t know where to find that broken old USB in the junk drawer? Did you get digitals for your wedding, with the thought to create your own album and haven’t got to it yet? This is why we will always print professional photographs of your family.

Our kids may be the most photographed generation, and end up with no photo history at all

One small tip, if you’ve accidentally deleted photos from your phone, is that you can check the recently deleted folder in your iPhone. Check out the iPhone post here

Still, just want digitals files? Sure, the pricing is the same as our print collection pricing. Your soft copies are sized for you to create your own copies up to 8×12”. Larger prints for you to hang on the wall can only be ordered through the studio. We’ll even give you a small complimentary print.

Receiving your digital files, means that you have to look after them too. As soon as they come in to your inbox, save them on your computer and in your own cloud storage, and print them. I have heard too many stories of clients losing an entire hard drive in their computer, USB’s that no longer work, external hard drives that no longer work. Not to mention house fires or a theft. One method of storage is not enough.