A sweet sibling moment

The window with baby photography is small when they are brand new. The optimal time is when your baby is just 8-14 days old, while they are still sleepy, and curled up in natural womb-like positions.

Audrey and Liam were recently in the studio, they definitely had some sweet sibling chemistry.

Audrey helped to select colours to style Liam and loved to chat all about her new baby ♥ We created a beautiful composite wall art piece for their home and complimented the framed print with individual frames .

Faces so cute it’s like they were made for the wall

Due to the small window of time before your little one gets used to the extra leg room, it is best to find your favorite photographer before your baby arrives. Many of our clients book their baby photography session whilst in their first trimester, heading into their second. We have lots of information on our newborn experience page.  If you still have questions about how our portrait sessions run, and what happens next, please give us a call at 03 95094093 or complete the contact form for more information.