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Your Photography Experience

Frequently Asked Questions

How many people can be at my shoot?2020-07-02T04:29:37+00:00

Booking a portrait session is an amazing occasion to photograph the whole family. Have a newborn and older kids to photograph? Parents, we encourage you to be in the shoot too. The moment of your baby being so tiny disappears much to quickly – be in the photos with them. Kids absolutely want to see you in their photos! Aside from being incredibly fun, what better way to build their self-esteem than by joining them and having them visually see your love for them prominently displayed on your wall.

Family shoots are of the whole family – when we are older, we will reflect on these times and they will be cherished more because you are in them!

Can you shoot on weekends?2020-07-02T04:37:59+00:00

Yes, we have limited availability on Saturdays. This is a time that is in high demand, so sessions are generally only available well in advance.

Just as you, we value our time with our beautiful family and our children’s activity schedule. Please consider a few options of alternative times if a Saturday appointment is not available at the time you request.

We do not shoot on Sundays.

Do you give digital files?2020-06-09T10:50:28+00:00

We love digital files! We give you the matching digital file of each of your ordered prints. Your digital files are perfect for creating e