Looking for ideas to celebrate your little one’s milestone with first birthday photos? Having a party and taking some candid shots of loved ones laughing and playing is beautiful but there is definately a place to create a really special memory.

You can do it with cake, with a party, exploring at the beach, but don’t let the moment pass you by.

So often the focus for parents and professional photography is on newborn photographs and after that everything falls by the wayside in importance. When turning one, your little person is just finding themselves and exploring the world and it’s a fantastic time to capture, but how?

Let’s look at some ideas that you can use yourself, or of course you can find a professional to do it for you.

Who doesn’t love cake?

A cake smash session is just so much fun. Let them get messy and explore the texture, taste and creative mess making. You are even fantastic photo opportunities in the bath afterwards as part of the clean up!

Relaxed family time

Capturing first birthday photos of the family together as part of the milestone is a wonderful thing and those images in particular make amazing art pieces to display prominently in your home. The lovely part about the transition from baby to toddler is all the extra interaction that happens, and it really comes across. This is especially fantastic when involving siblings, pets and grandparents. Extra points for finding a beautiful location too!

Something just for you

Why not create a special magical photoshoot which means something special just for your family. Unlike photography with a newborn, the sky is the limit so put on that thinking cap and consider all the places that mean something to you. It can be as simple as the local park or reserve where you love to play together. It’s those exact photos that you will look back on in years and fondly remember not just the photoshoot, but all of the time spent in that location.

Make it about the birthday boy or girl, but also make it about the whole family. A great professional photographer should be able to help you identify places that not only mean something to you, but that will make amazing backdrops for your wall-ready artwork. Getting creative and playing with the time of day (early morning sunrise and late afternoon sunsets) to create dramatic visual impact.

Want to celebrate your little one in style?

Hopefully that has given you some ideas on how to create amazing first birthday photos for your little one, but if you want some more help, contact me today and discuss how we could style your own special first birthday photo session.