The key to beautiful maternity photography is not just a photographers skill behind the camera or the lens on the front of it, it’s very much about making the Mum-to-be comfortable. That is first and foremost why I spend time working with you to understand who you are and what is important to you. From there we can choose just the right styling, location, time of day and so much more to make everything perfect for you.

Many clients opt to combine maternity, newborn and even birth photography to capture the entire story of the arrival of your little one. Speak to us to understand how this works.

About the experience

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Maternity photography is best from 30-35 weeks so the window can be quite small, and booking in early is best to avoid disappointment.

Maternity photography is highly personal and as you can see from the variety of styles on display, very dependant on what your personal styling and desires. Get in touch today, I can’t wait to help design something that is perfect for you.

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The best time for maternity photography

After 30 weeks so your bump is lovely and round and full, but before 35 weeks when baby begins to drop ready for arrival. This all too short window allows for capturing beautiful pregnancy photographs where you are relaxed and radiant and so obviously expecting but avoids the time right towards the end where you might feel a little tired and with less energy.

What kind of pregnancy photography can we capture?

That depends entirely on you of course and what you want to achieve. I’m entirely led by your wishes in terms of location, timing, styling and set-up. Of course I can and will provide guidance and suggestions and just I adore providing ideas to help and getting creative too. Some mums-to-be love nudes and very feminine beauty styled maternity shoots, while others are more interested in a lifestyle shoot with their partner in an early morning beach session. Your shoot will reflect who you are individually, as a couple and as a family and my job behind the camera is to make that shine through. 

How do I make you look and feel great?

For many women feeling good is also a function of looking good and that’s why I have a fantastic ‘glam squad’ I call upon for every single maternity shoot. My professional makeup artists come to the studio or bravely join us on location (at any hour!) to make sure that Mum is camera-ready and confident for the shoot.

I also have a beautiful range of maternity gowns for use during your shoot. I can help guide you in other outfit choices if gowns are not what you’re after. The key is matching everything to what you’re after as an end result.

How can you schedule a pregnancy session?

Either as maternity photography session by itself or as part of a newborn and/or birth photography package, the first step is simply to get in touch. From there I’ll help you figure out what works best for you and we’ll build your ideal shoot from the ground up.

I love chatting to people about all things baby so please do call or email and we can start that process.

Pregnant woman and son in front of a creek
Capture what pregnancy feels like, not what it looks like.
Happy pregnant woman holding her baby bump
A time of joy and hope. Maternity is incredibly feminine and effortlessly beautiful.
Pregnant woman and partner smiling at camera with their two dogs