What we believe in

We believe the best stories are told where you are most comfortable.

For us, this means often traveling to you to capture the perfect moment in the perfect place rather than having you in our studio. Melbourne is an amazing city and we love being out in it. We’ve found the best places all over Melbourne and beyond to capture you and your family, so we love to shoot in your house or in an amazing location to ensure you feel comfortable and can let your light shine. But if a studio shoot is more your style, we can do that too.

We thrive on customising our services just for you, so let’s chat either on the phone or in person to discuss your requirements, talk about your family and what you enjoy. We promise we can create something you will adore forever.

Our Process

Our first step is always to make sure we get to know you. Where you are in lifes many stages, what makes you smile and laugh, the particulars of your own style, what you want out of your photographic session and how you want to use your photos. It takes a lot of communication to make things feel effortless, and we make sure we put in the time.

Thank you so much Kelly for such a wonderful experience photographing our maternity, birth and newborn shoots. We will treasure these photos forever, absolutely worth it and I’m so glad we did the birth one too!

Mother cuddling babySally,

Kelly is absolutely amazing! She captured my maternity shoot just beautifully and made it to the speedy birth of our second daughter despite only labouring for 45 minutes and just making it to the hospital in time. The images I’ve seen so far are just wonderful and heart explorers. Kelly is also just a beautiful person and makes everyone in the room feel comfortable. I can’t wait to see the rest of the images and look forward to our newborn shoot.

Pregnant woman in a hallwayAlexandra,
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